Privacy Policy

A cookie is a small data file that is placed on your computer or device when you visit a website. Most websites nowadays use cookies both to help improve the users web experience and to allow companies to manage their marketing efforts.

Cookies can be 'session' cookies which are used to track a visitor around a website and are then deleted when then the user clicks away from the site or closes their browser, or 'persistent' cookies which are placed on the users browser and are generaly used to remember a users preferences or to tell returning visitors from new ones.

Cookies can be 'first party' or 'third party'. First Party cookies are those put on by the website itself and are used for a variety of reasons from identifying you as a customer or user of that site and allowing the website to recognise your settings and preferences to those that are necessary to site usage. For example a site that you log into would require you to log into every page without a cookie to track you. Shopping baskets also use cookies to keep track of what is in your basket as you browse the site.

Third party cookies are those provided by another company for the benefit of that website and are generally used for the purpose of tracking marketing campaigns and to see how users browse the website, which pages are visited most and which adverts or links result in most sales.


At Spain The Easy Way we only use third party cookies provided by Google Analytics and Adwords and Yahoo SearchMarketing. These are used to generate statistical reports that allow us to see how visitors are using our site and also which adverts or search terms our visitors come from, how well our marketing strategies are working and also how many visitors go through to submit an enquiry.

We collect no personal information from our cookies whatsoever.

If you wish to set your browser to block cookies here's how:

Internet Explorer: click "Tools", "Internet Options", "Privacy" then use the slider to select 'Block All Cookies'.
Firefox: click "Tools", "Options", "Privacy".
Google Chrome: click the 'customise and control' button (three lines at the right side of the address bar), click "Setting", "Show Advanced Settings" then under 'Privacy' click "Content Settings".