Make the Right Currency Exchange Choice

Due to constant changes in the rate of the Pound, exchanging and transferring your money at the right time and in the right way will make you substantial savings.

Most people are aware that when they go on holiday they can usually save £20 or £30 by phoning around as rates vary between local travel agents, post offices and banks. In just the same way when buying or selling a foreign property you can make the same savings on your currency transfer. Just a 1% saving alone will save you £1000 for every hundred thousand of your property.

If you are buying foreign property you should strongly consider seeking advice from a Professional Currency Broker. The main job of a currency broker is to buy foreign currency on your behalf at a wholesale price thus making you substantial savings on the exchange rate.

How does using a Currency Broker make You Savings?

Banks fix their Exchange Rate in the morning. Currency Brokers have access to the Trading Floor all day, as the rate fluctuates they buy at the best time for you.

A Currency Broker will buy at a Wholesale price & pass on most of the savings to you whereas banks buy at a Wholesale price and keep the difference as their profit.

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    Save money in Three Different Ways

  • Save by Buying at Wholesale Prices
  • Save Thousands Buying at the Right Time
  • Save on Receiving Banks Fees

Currency Exchange & Transfer Options

If you require your currency transfer immediately, you can make what is known as a SPOT TRANSACTION. You will benefit from buying at a better rate and should make further savings on Bank Receiving Fees. Using this method you can quickly and easily transfer funds direct to a foreign bank.

If you require your currency at a later date, for instance if you are buying off plan and require currency to make payments on a future date you can opt for what is known as a FORWARD CONTRACT, this will give you the piece of mind of fixing a currency rate protecting yourself against currency fluctuations and potentially saving you a great deal of money.

If you have no particular time constraints, you can nominate a particular rate for which you are happy to wait, once your rate is reached your currency will automatically be purchased. Very substantial savings can be made using this method of purchasing currency which is known as a LIMIT ORDER.

At Spain The Easy Way we have been helping people with currency exchange & transfers for many years. We can offer you a No Obligation Rate Quote as well as Free, easy to understand, advice from an experienced currency broker who will consider your particular needs.

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